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If your think we can help your personal or company image or offer a practical answer to an annoying problem. Just ask, we may have a good idea that fits the bill.

Miscellaneous Products 

External signs and architectural railing.
We can design custom signage and railing to compliment your company's displays.

Made from marine grade stainless steel, these innovative architectural pieces can add something different to your displays and information boards.
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Custom designed furniture for your restaurant, shop or garden.
We can design custom tables and chairs to add a little more je ne sais quoi to your company's dining area or garden/ poolside furniture.
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Wood Burning Stoves
from only £299

Wood burning, brick lined cast iron heaters and stoves. Imported from Sweden. Ideal for the narrow boat or houseboat. Ideal warmth for those autumn and winter nights to come adding ambience and atmosphere to boat or home. Also available for beach chalets and marine cottages. De humidifier and variable ring hot plates available. Flues available if required.

Approx dimensions
Small: 700x360mm Flue 100mm
Large: 1100x345mm Flue 130mm

Subject to availability


Wood Burning Stoves

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Last modified: 6 October, 2005