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These products are designed for heavy industrial use or to meet specialist, high quality design specifications. Safety Equipment, Vivier Lorries and custom motor vehicle fabrications are typical products in this area.

Key Products

Vivier Lorry Conversions: Transporting live shellfish with confidence. Custom designed to meet your needs and European Standards. For more information, ring our Workshops or just click here.
Full conversions from 26000 (Ex VAT)

Viviere Lorry Conversions
Lobster Trays . Specially designed trays fabricated from durable interlocking plastic panels keep your shellfish in good condition during storage and transportation. Click on the image opposite for more information or click on the call now button to find out details on prices and availability
lobster pots and trays

Commercial Fishing/Industrial Fabrications: Trawler/Crabber winch plates, lobster & crab pots and hauler plates, safety equipment and life raft holders, deck  fittings, including fairleads, rigging deck plates, davits and cleats. High quality fabrications of lifts and escalators, hospitals, brewing and other specialist applications. Price range for liferaft holders from 160.
(Trade discount for bulk orders)

Wheelhouse Mounted Liftraft Holders

Flood and Spot bars for 4x4s

Bulk or custom motor vehicle fabrications:
Custom roll bars, pannier bars and flood/spot bars, exhaust covers, ladders, running boards and grills for most wheeled vehicles.
4x4 Specialists
Custom ladders for 4x4s

George Foreman Gas BBQ Grill.

Used only once.
Comes with gaz cylinder and cooking tools.

Ideal for beach or cockpit bbq.

Legs will lift the grill to about waist height. Then whole grill folds away inside the frame for easy storage.

Only £45


Comes with kettle lid, drip tray and instructions.

Call me on

01752 482413

or email me at BBQ@anythingmarine.co.uk



Wood Burning Stoves
Wood Burning Stoves and Boat Heaters.

Wood burning, brick lined cast iron heaters and stoves. Imported from Sweden. Ideal for the narrowboat or houseboat. Also suitable for beach chalets and marine cottages.. De humidifier and variable ring hot plates available. Flues available if required.
Approx dimensions
Small: 700x360mm Flue 100mm
Large: 1100x345mm Flue 130mm

Click here for stove details

Special offer discounts on bulk purchase of orders over 5 units

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Last modified: 6 October, 2005