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In a business where experience counts, we have it. In a trade that needs reliability, you can depend on us. In an industry where costs and quality matter, we will deliver. 

Vivier Lorry Conversions are a cost effective and well tested means of transporting live shellfish from harbour to market. When the value of your cargo is over 300,000 (€ 550,000), can you afford to take the risk ? 
We have been engineering and converting these lorries for over 18 years. 

Companies like Copine Shellfish and Sutherland Game & Shellfish trust us; so can you. 

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High capacity stainless steel/ fibre glass tanks.

Vivier Lorry Systems

High quality stainless steel lined, fibre glass holding tanks, laid out to optimise access and load capacity. Fresh water and saltwater aeration is provided through a customised pump and bubble pipe system. Each tank can be treated separately with fitted overhead lighting to improve inspection of cargo and container fittings.  

The high capacity pump and switch gear is easily accessible for routine maintenance and inspection. Cleaning and pre-loading checks are made easier with open plan piping layout and low maintenance vented casing covers and stainless/ galvanised housing. Pump capacity and electrical switching customise to meet your cargo requirements.

Easy access for routine maintenance for inspections
Underslung housing to maximise internal cargo

The externally mounted and covered pump and filter are under-slung to effectively employ all the internal storage space. The high volume water/air pump are highly reliable and the water conditioning system provides optimum conditions to enable the delivery of live cargo.

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New Shellfish Storage System

These plastic welded, stackable holding trays can accomodate up to 22 lobsters per tray in 11 pens. The system includes circulation pump, sump and stainless frame. Ideal shore based systems for markets, hotels and restuarants.

Also available for crab and shell fish.

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Stackable Holding Trays for Lobster

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