Why We're Here.

For the Marine Public: One of the old sayings that often meanders around every port and sailing club, is that a boat or yacht is a hole in the water into which we all pour money. Historically, this was a consquence of our boat's/yacht's location and the urgent need to get things done in a short period of time, usually between March to June. The simple factors of supply and demand come to bear and up go the costs of owning a boat. For many of us, there is sweet pleasure in wandering around the chandlery and engineer's workshop discussing this and that. There is also a pleasure in the energy of meeting the self imposed deadlines of getting to sea before the Easter Races start. But these two factors can cost us dear. Many of you have worked hard for your right to own a yacht or boat and get away from it all; to enjoy the pleasures and challenges of the Sea.
At Anything Marine, we wish to help you reduce the costs and stress of this well earned leisure time and offer you the opportunity to take advantage of out of season or special offers.
There will always be those who have time and money to burn, and I for one, will be eternally envious of these folk and there will always be a market, ready to take their easy cash. For the rest of us, time and money needs to be managed and conservatively invested in our leisure time. We try to help reduce the costs and the stress of loving the Sea and boats, by doing some of the hard work for you. We search the Internet to find you good deals, locally and nationally. We help you compare service, quality and cost. Try us and see, we could save you a lot of time and money.

For Marine Businesses: Following numerous conversations with mariners from weekend sailors to ocean yacht masters, we developed our Internet strategy to ensure your visitors get the information and special offers they want, when they need it. We aim to put that information in front of them, but it's up to you to STAND OUT in the crowded market place of the Internet and give them a good reason to contact you. We serve both sides here. If you give a good service or product, we will help you promote it. It could be a competitively priced product, or a timely, quality service in the right geographical location.or even a superb after sales or customer care. Whatever it is, if you put the effort in to contact us or place your information on the web, we'll help you deliver the information. It's nothing new really,just a simple case of listening to the customer and bringing the right combination of people and companies together. Let us be part of your CRM team.

Ideally, we would like to build a co-operative community of marine service companies so that all benefit from the huge local and global marine services market. Commercial reality dictates that there will be tension in many areas, especially where market conditions are tight, but we strive to overcome these with the simple desire to keep our visitors satisfied. We surf the Internet on their behalf looking for those deals that we believe will make them happy.. Our approach is proactivity; to link a customer's need with a service provider within four mouse clicks and then let you build the necessary commercial relationship. It's the visitor who pays, so we need to keep them coming back after recieving your best service and products.

It is easier and cheaper to promote several businesses under one flag, to the benefit of customer and service provider alike. This policy does relies on employing the Internet as a highly competitive, fluid, and high speed network. If we get any e-mails asking for help, we will distribute them to listed companies who we feel can help and it's up to you once again. What makes it really beneficial is the more you put in, the more you could potentially get out, for free.

If you feel you can contribute and want to be part of this community, then please join us,
you will be most welcome.


To be listed as one of eight in your area and specialism, only £120 per season per page listing. Click here
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No Website?
We can also create a web page for you and place it on Anything Marine for a season, for only £250

Join Us:
If you wish to join us, please complete our joining form by clicking here. Invoices will be sent by e-mail.

Please make cheques made payable to STAINLESS STEEL WELDING SERVICES LTD.and sent to 24A Commercial Road, Coxside, Plymouth, Devon PL4 OLE within 7 days of invoicing.


A listing is the inclusion of a company name on a page or menu of this web site in accordance with the priority stated below.

Ranking on these lists will be determined by Anything Marine UK. Paying members will have priority over all other companies. A maximum of 8 companies will be listed in any one specialism location. Once a listing is full of paying companies, this listing will be closed for the season. Season ends 1 Dec 2006.

Membership :
This is initially free to any company that is willing to exchange mutual links but a fee will be required to secure your listing for the season. (Fees)

Responsibilities (Covers all members)

1. All members wishing to upgrade promotions or specials offers will need to submit them to Anything Marine UK by 25th of each month using the to updates@anythingmarine.co.uk . Please ensure the subject line reads "My web page updates". Please state company name, proposed changes and expiry date, if applicable.

2. To help keep the site looking new and enable visitors to see something different each time they visit. Members are encouraged to place special offers when practicable. This will not be appropriate for all members, but those who can contribute, are encouraged to do so.

3. Members are expected to uphold the highest standards of service and workmanship in their dealings with visitors to ANYTHING MARINE UK. Those who do not feel able to maintain these standards are free to leave the site at anytime. Members who are shown to fail in upholding these standards will be removed from the site.

4. Members working in marinas and boatyards are to ensure they comply with their local insurance requirements. Marina and boatyard fees are to be paid where applicable.

Reserved Rights (Covers All Members)

1. Anything Marine UK reserves the right to remove any member from the site failure to uphold the standards expected of contributors, failure to comply with any of the above responsibilities and for any other reason where Anything Marine believes a member's actions or conduct undermines customer and Member goodwill, Trading Standards or other legal requirements.

2. These terms do not affect members' Statutory Rights.

These terms were last updated on 20 November 2005

If you have any questions or comments on any of these terms, please e-mail info@anythingmarine.co.uk

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