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Weather Presentations

How does sea fog form?

Bruce Robinson, a retired Royal Naval Forecaster, is happy to offer your club an informative, amusing and, at times, inclusive presentation on the subject of:
Meteorology for Mariners

During the 2.5 hr talk, with slides, we will take you through the basics of weather from the heating of the earth to the formation of storms and their effect on sea-goers. It also includes a few practical exercises for your members and if you feel up to it, a spot as your club's weather forecaster for the night. You will also have the chance to ask those puzzling weather questions that have bothered you for years and hopefully you'll get the answers.

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Safety Presentations

Safety at Sea

Do you have a marine safety plan ?
Do you know how to start a rescue?
How do you get a casualty out of the water?
What treament can you give to stabilize a casualty?
And what happens if the skipper goes overboard?

Safety Plans for Mariners

This short presentation will give you the answers to all these questions and provide you with common sense solutions to make your trips to sea a relaxing experience. Thinking up a safety plan when disaster stikes, is just too late.

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Pass On your experience

If your club or organisation can provide a good speaker for other clubs, just left us know and we'll advertise their presentation here. It could help raise club funds, build relationships and widen the expertise of all involved. Send us an e-mail here

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