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1U K Epoxy ResinBurscough
U K Epoxy Resins, manufacture and market their own resin system direct to the public. We also supply, adhesives, epoxy resin kits, fillers, additives, fibre glass tape, fibre glass fabric/ sheeting, epoxy laminating brushes, rollers, latex gloves mixing pots , mixing sticks and all your boat building needs. Online shop.

UK Epoxy Resins

Marine Store
Maldon, Essex
Antifouling, paints, varnishes, clothing, waterpumps, shackles and pulleys, scrapers, cleaning materials, reinforced pipe, tools, sandpaper, books, navigation aids. Online Shop

Marine Store

3Scott Badger UK Wide
Suppliers of marine gelcoats, composite, grp sheeting and specialist applications.Scott Bader is the acknowledged expert in marine resin technology and supplies Crystic products for hull, deck and interior applications to many of the world's leading boat builders.

Scott Bader

4 Marine Windows Worcester
Fixed and DVP ports holes, sliding windows and frames, Hopper windows, S-type windows and frames. Seals and hatch, door and bulkhead windows. Glass, PVC with brass or aluminium frames.

Marine Windows

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